Reminder of increase in membership fees, and switch to GoCardless direct debit

In line with the announcement at the annual winter meeting, membership fees are to increase from £40 to £50 (Consultants) and from £20 to £25 (Trainees) from 2018.


If your membership is currently paid by Standing Order, please inform your bank that you wish to cancel it.


If you pay your fees in May the next payment due is 20 May 2019 and you should use these links to set up your direct debit now so that payment can be taken in May




If you need to make a payment immediately because you are either a new member or have not paid for this year please use the links below, which will create an annual payment, taken within 5 days of setting up your direct debit.

If you are a trainee, please set up your payment for fees here 

If you are a consultant please set up your payment here