New BPAIIG grant available!

BPAIIG members can now apply for up to £1500 to fund, or partially fund, a small project (e.g. organising a study day, small research project).

Please email the completed application form (below) AND a short CV to: OR

Deadline for submissions is 5pm Monday 13th March 2017

Application for Funds Form

(please use a maximum of 2 A4 pages excluding references)

Leading Applicant (Name, position(s), address, telephone, e-mail)

Co-applicants (Name, position(s), e-mail)

Title of Project

Expected Date of Commencement of Project

Location of the Project

Project Details (include aims/objectives, background, methodology, plan for future work etc.)

What benefit does this application have to the wider PAIID community in the UK?

Breakdown of Financial Support Requested

(Maximum funds requested should not exceed £1,500. This is the maximum amount allocated per project per year. Re-application for funds for project expected to last over a year are welcome)

Signature of Leading Applicant


Please note that in order to fully assess all projects submitted they may be circulated to the wider BPAIIG membership by email or behind password on the BPAIIG website