Allergic disease has become dramatically more common in the UK over the past few decades, with nearly 40% of children having an allergic diagnosis. Allergic disease effects a child’s growth, development, educational, social and psychological well being. 

The specialty of Paediatric Allergy is also growing, and it is a particular aim of BPAIIG to continue this growth. Paediatric allergy encompasses the diagnosis and investigation and management of all aspects of allergic disease, including anaphylaxis, food allergy, asthma, eczema, urticaria (skin rash frequently caused by allergies), rhinoconjunctivitis (inflammation associated with the inner nose and eye), drug allergy and the management of reactions to bee and wasp stings. The Allergy representative for the BPAIIG is Dr Paul Turner and the RCPCH Subspeciality Training Advisor is Dr Mich Lajeunesse​. 

The BPAIIG works closely with the British Society of Allergy & Clinical Immunology which also represents the interests of Allergologists. The BSACI has a Paediatric Sub-committee, currently chaired by Dr Susan Leech, as well as a trainee representative (Dr Helen Brough).

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